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in memoriam

Memory, forgetting, and history are all important. When I write as a historian, I see that forgetting, for example, worked wonders in stabilizing postwar Europe. (…) as a historian, I say this is why forgetting worked, but as an engaged citizen I must say this is also unacceptable.
(…) No society, however, can live indefinitely with the weight of impossibly painful memories constantly being dragged into the public sphere. No society can move past those memories until it has addressed them.” (Tony Judt in Historically Speaking: the Bulletin of The Historical Society)

“it is very secure”

It just kept tapping away. It didn’t need power, it didn’t need batteries, it didn’t need recharging.

One ribbon went back and forward and back until it was a rag, almost, and out came the dispatches. I have never had an accident where I have pressed a button and accidentally sent seven chapters into cyberspace, never to be seen again.

And have you ever tried to hack into my typewriter? It is very secure. (Frederick Forsyth)

o labor da memória

Até o mais familiar dos percursos pode ser amedrontador: basta levantar os olhos e deixar-se surprender pela luz do céu sempre em mutação. Há fragmentos da cidade que levam o caminhante a questionar-se sobre o tempo que passa, possuído pela nostalgia dum tempo que não é o seu.

“a phenomenal success”

Long after emails have been wiped, tapes have decayed, CDs have rusted and computers have crashed, dusty books will remain as silent witnesses on the shelf  (Simon Jenkins)


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