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Man stealing another man's wallet while shaking his hand

Man stealing another man's wallet while shaking his hand

Não é todos os dias que um desconhecido me oferece a possibilidade de ganhar uma boa maquia sem qualquer esforço. Neste caso justifica-se pelas razões abaixo indicadas:


 I was attracted with your personality. After going through your profile it gives me more confident that you can be trusted though we haven’t meet each other before. However, I am Mr. Miguel Matlock I work with ING bank (security and deposit department.), Vienna branch, Austria. This is where I discovered this deposit of US$2.5 million unclaimed fund. I want you to help me clear this deposit that have been secretly moved to a security/deposit company overseas, of which I have secured every document for smooth release of the deposit to whomever I appoint as a partner to this position.

The deposit involves the sum of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($2.5M). What I require from you is secrecy/ sincerity and commitment for us to achieve this goal.

These are the necessary requirements I need from you: 1. Your full name and address 2. Your Phone/ Fax number/Address, 3. Your Occupation / Age/Status, State/Country. Other modalities will be discussed as soon as you get back to me on this email address I will highly appreciate your urgent positive response.

Best Regards

Mr. Miguel Matlock

Pede-me sinceridade e compromisso? Como não?! Mas posso lá fazer segredo duma proposta tão lisongeira!…


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